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. good morning, i would like to greet you all with a quote, they say way back in the 12th century, she said all of creation is symphony of joy and jubilation. i feel a great joy and first this is the community methodist church where i have been serving and it was five weeks ago when i greeted you last and it is still a joy and it is also a joy to welcome one of my friends and colleagues who is one of the leading she low against my good friend is with us this morning. >> great to see you. >> you have another book out on
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hid guard. tell us why hill guard? >> well, the doctor made her a doctor of a church. and there have only been three others. >> it is one thing to be a saint but it carries special energy with it i guess. and this is somebody to study. i find this all very ironic but they are not exactly what you say, a supporters of men and women and naming her, it is thoroughly iran nick. she does bring in the divine.
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>> it is a title, a saint for our times. >> unleashing this power. as you know she is a marvelous musician through genius and music. she wrote the books and was a healer, and she wrote books on healing and in fact there was a healing based entirely on her teachings. and obviously, they are healing people or they would not be in business. >> why did they wait so long? i think for one thing when she was 80 years old, she was he can communicator and she was benedict and all of her nuns
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they were forbidden for a year and it was because they didn't like the fact that she had buried a revolutionary on her property. she had this fight for a year and she said you have silenced music and she signed the letter and at the end, she said, those who silence music in this time will go to a place where there is no music. that is her definition is hell. she just told the archbishop in a very creative way he is going to hell. >> dr. martin luther king, jr. said he didn't want to build a heavy if there is no -- him vin if there is no -- heaven if
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there is no laughter there. >> they say hilda guard was a benedict of novice. she wrote fierce letters to the pope, all over germany and her name thing was collect of that. >> i thought it was interesting that she prepared. >> here is ago that does not allow those to preach. >> they don't have a clue for what they have done. they are unleashing this amazing figure. >> i ordered it about a week ago and it is so compelling, the information you have here. we will talk more in the
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future. leaving in the reference for some of the other groups. please join us, imron swisher. -- i am ron swisher.
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. welcome back, you see this title, a great saint and we have been speaking with dr. matthew fox in his latest book. you have written many books on her. >> i have, i have written two he books previous, because her paintings were amazing and she had these visions that really healed her and they heel us. they are very powerful pieces so i did a book on that with
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her commentary. >> so she was a painter as well as a musician? >> yes, and she was an architect. she started life in a male monastery which was by sexual if you will, mail on one end and women on the other. but she got famous after she published her first book and she took all of the women and their doweries and she started her own place and designed the place as an architect. nothing daunted hilda guard. >> when they speak of her being recognized, illumination is what people talk about first. >> yeah. >> again, that is with banings and again, they came with her pictures and her dreams and
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with words speak to her. it is our beautiful young lady and the lady says i am the creator of world. everything in it is good and beautiful, but to me it is a pure passage and of course, sophia, which is in the bible, he was speaking through her, you might say. >> it is the first time you have come across the original saying. >> life's journey as you picture it, they are setting up this tent where wisdom can set where he comes to set up his
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tent in israel. she knew the bible very well and sang the sam rewell, so she was mazed at the literature of the bible which they say was the historical writing much jesus, but joys and jubilation of creation, that is her whole world view and that's one of the reasons she is so pertinent. this comes from the literature and that's sophia too that is
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wisdom. that is where love and light come in and he is this very important distinction between the god of wisdom and the god of life. unfortunately we get separated and you have to turned to the god of life hilda has the same teaching and she is very extatic in her language and spiritualty. just like that quote you started with. she is filled with joy. >> ann thurman talks about that life being alive. >> yes, that is so powerful, she says that life itself is so alive. you can tell thurman is getting
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high on life and one should. they say god is life so the gift of life is extraordinary. >> we also appreciate dr. martin luther king, jr. and of course red is jesus in the disinherited. he took with him every time he went to jail. >> jesus and the disinherited. it is such a powerful book and it is one of the hurley ones. they say the church betrayed jesus and again he wrote that before the civil rights movement and of course king is
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powerful affected. so thurman really is the spiritual dangerous. he was an elder, but he was criticized for not doing the streets. the others will hold it together and make sure the values of the spiritualty is end beaud and thurman played a role. when dr. martin luther king, jr. was stabbed, he asked for one person at his bed and that was howard thurman. king was very close to thurman. >> it is a great history and how i link that to her influence is tremendous. hilda guard, again, what would you say is outside the ecology
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and earn convenientment and the social injustices, what are some of the things she would be addressing? >> well the church. >> let's come back to that, please. join us, as we speak of hilda guard with dr. matthew fox.
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. welcome back, you see these pictures here. i mentioned hilda guard in fairfield and one of my members was in germany just a couple of weeks ago and she is a chairperson and she said i was just there. so i thought it was good she
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shared these pictures with us and you can see these pictures of her and at the end it will be a picture of the abby. this is where she did a great deal of her ministry. we are thankful of that and it is perfect timing. somebody said it was providential. and there is a picture indicated on the book we showed earlier. >> now the artists are, i think trying to show this half is the nun but on this half, she is meant to be a modern woman and sheer trying to say this woman should not be locked up in a monastery and we need to unleash her power for today. >> didn't she say she wanted to
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be useful and remembered? >> yes, exactly. the nuns kept all of her work in pristine condition for 800 years, all of the paintings, the letters, the 10 books all of it right up to 1944 because then the american bombers were coming towards germany and they photographed everything, packed them up and moved for safety whereof course they were firebombed and destroyed. so we have the first generation copy pristine for 800 years. >> that is something and it makes me think how many other women's writing has been lost because they didn't have that and she was not that well-known
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in germany. she was recognized as a holy woman and beyond germany, i met a lot of german people until they started reading my books. >> she is so fierce about justice and here is just one thing she wrote to the pope himself. she said it will be shaken through erroneous teachings. the justice will be recognized as thoroughly despicable. now she is writing about this in the 12th century with a pet file or pedophile, and in
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another place, she writes, you are surrounded by men who are so fearful that they cackle like henns because they are so afraid. she doesn't take any prisoners, she is very strong. she wrote to her rosa and her bottom line tells the pope, you are ignoring justice. she wrote the king and at that time all she had was her vision but some people ask me, was why wasn't see silenced she really go think they were coming from
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a place that was pro found and perfect. >> i remembered what you said. they were not prophetic you have. you are too lazy and she says wake up and how can we live without passion and justice. she said, how can you see the poor and not be disturbed and do something so she has a marvelous balance and that's the went she speaks oddly and that's what we need and you
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talk about main street and wall street and how she would be the prophetic in that. >> there is a passage here about greed and that names a lot in wall street. she said go pleases known -- pleases nobody and you are board and greed creates boredom. in that, she analyzes human nature and goes through all the virtues and all the vices she is kind of a moral therapist, we go over the additions and
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the rest. >> the jerk the light, the justice, she covers the scars of justice, it is divine them anybody and god is a circle. we embrace the arms. very maternal. >> we will come back to the end of this and i hate to see it end. >> me,too. thank you for being with us and join us in our last segment.
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. i hope you have been with us, for we have been inspired and talking about hilda guard in these last few minutes. say to us, dr. fox how you made the connection to thurman to einstein, to all of these different people, mary oliver... >> well, i thought why not have her on the same page of einstein. hilda guard meets mary oliverian thurman, i think it is a great way to bring her into our time and it is amazing how her ideas, what can i say they match some of einsteins questions. it is a big question, but how much consciousness is there? >> well, hilda guard was struck
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by light on a regular basis, light literally talked with her. she said there is no crease to your who lacks -- creature who lacks an entire your life. that is her position we are considering and of course it is a very buddhist idea. even the stone can talk. it takes a long time to speak but in a sweat lodge they talk loudly and rapidly. >> that is really good. but it is fun to put her in the room with these 20 first century souls and i think that is where she belongs. >> well, this has been great. i know you have 30 other books we could have spoken about but i'm sure you are always
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writing. >> and you are always reading. >> yes, when it comes out, i will be right there. but last time you were in room and you were doing a book tour there and they translated it to german instead of italian so i was able to get you. >> i have enjoyed it. >> thank you. we have been blessed to have dr. matthew captain joel fox but he lives here and travels in different parts of the world. one thing about dr. king, he said everybody can be great, all you have to do is serve, you don't have to have your subject match your verb to serve. all you have to have is a heart
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filled with love and a soul generated by great. so we hope that you go forth and be persons of grace and love and doing the justice in doing loving mercy and kindness and walking humbly before god.
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